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To bring inspiration to life shouldn’t be difficult

To bring inspiration to life shouldn’t be difficult


As an artist I find inspiration everywhere. Because we’re in the 21st century I don’t need to put my inspiration on hold because I’m away from my easel or computer. Now I can create from ANYWHERE at ANY TIME.
I love everything about Autumn. Inspiration is everywhere, in colors, in fresh air, in pumpkin flavor. So I feel that I need to create more and thanks to Adobe mobile apps I can create my art using my mobile devices.
Today I will share with you my Autumn collection I created using Adobe Illustrator Draw, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Where did the inspiration come from? From my yard where I am playing with my puppy, from the trees around the fence, from the fresh and beautiful colors of the sky.

Using Adobe Illustrator Draw I created a pumpkin. I spent probably about 20 minutes and my pumpkin was ready. Because I liked that pumpkin so much I decided  to create another one.

Later on  I was sitting outside with my puppy  and our trees are already ready for the fall season so I decided to create another Halloween Art using Adobe Illustrator Draw, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.  I used the trees as an inspiration and created Halloween Village Art.

Using the same trees as inspiration I created a few leaves in Adobe Illustrator Draw, imported those files to Adobe Illustrator CC and created my new brushes out of those leaves. And now I can create any Fall art using my custom brushes.

The purpose of this post is to bring your inspiration to life. Don’t wait for the “perfect” time to create art. Whatever the inspiration is you will find it. You are able to bring it to life using your mobile devices and Adobe mobile apps. Don’t procrastinate…just do it…just create art anywhere at any time!


P.S. I uploaded all of my mobile Autumn Art to  Adobe Stock and all files were approved for sale.  Literally in 7 minutes after my files were approved, I received an email that I made a sale!!! Guess which file was sold??? My pumpkin!


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To bring inspiration to life shouldn't be difficult




Adobe Project Felix tutorials

Two tutorials in Adobe Project Felix

How to create a commercial ad in Adobe Project Felix with custom background and 3D objects from Adobe Stock


Splash of morning coffee with Adobe Project Felix and 3D objects from Adobe Stock

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Three helpful tips for your mobile workflow

Three helpful tips for your mobile workflow

mobile painting


More and more people are using mobile apps to do real work. Mobile apps on our mobile devices give us the freedom of creativity on the go. These three tips will help you to bring your creativity to the next level.

1:  Bring your project created in another Adobe Mobile app as an image layer to your current Adobe Mobile App. This will help you to jump between Adobe Mobile Apps when working on the same project.






2: In Adobe Comp CC you can select a few objects to apply same effect at the same time Shift (tap and hold) + Tap. Applying the same effect at the same time  to multiple objects will guarantee identical effects will be applied to  multiple objects and plus it will speed up your workflow.





3: In Adobe Lightroom mobile use DNG raw when you shoot using the Lightroom camera. Shooting DNG gives you an uncompressed file. DNG file = raw file




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Digital Painting for Photographers in Adobe Photoshop CC


3 Icons in Adobe Photoshop Sketch You Probably Did Not Know About

3 icons in Adobe Photoshop Sketch you probably missed or did not know about:

sketct icons

If you will tap and hold on the Undo arrow, drop down menu will appear with 2 extra icons that very helpful in Sketch workflow.

Undo – Undo your last step/s
Redo – bring back your previous undo
History Slider – you will be able manually control history stages


Non destructive cropping in Adobe Photoshop CC

Non destructive cropping in Adobe Photoshop CC


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.44.25 AM

The most beautiful advantage of digital imaging is ability do apply changes in non destructive way.  And we users are very appreciative and happy to see more and more non destructive options in our workflow. The Crop tool is one of them. Now I can crop any document anyway that I want to, in a NON DESTRUCTIVE  way! How? it’s easy as one click.

 Uncheck “Delete Cropped Pixels”


 Extra Tip ∴  To make sure that your image inside the cropping area is alined straight or you want to rotate this area simply click on “Straighten”


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.54.27 AM


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Three my favorite options to speed up my workflow in Adobe Photoshop

Three of my favorite (along with many others 🙂  ) options to speed up my workflow  in Adobe Photoshop CC.

1: Show “Start” Workspace When No Documents Are Open

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 3.40.01 PM

Using this option I can access my Libraries, Presets, and open my Recent Files in no time.  It’s quick and easy.
If for some reason you don’t need or want to have “Start” Workspace you can uncheck ” Show “Start” Workspace When No Documents Are Open” : PREFERENCES > GENERAL

start window ps


2: Recent Files in “Start” Workspacerecent files

I can open my recent files with just in one click! No more asking myself ”  What was the file I was working on yesterday or the day before yesterday? And what did I name it and and where did I save it?

If for some reason you don’t need or want to have “Recent Files” you can uncheck ” Show “Recent Files” Workspace When Opening a File” : PREFERENCES > GENERAL

recent files menu


3: Always Create Smart Objets when Placing

Using this option I don’t worry any more about remembering to convert my layer to a Smart Object to avoid loosing my layer’s image quality because of resizing my image size down/up.
If for some reason you don’t need or want to have this option you can uncheck “Always Create Smart Objects when Placing” : PREFERENCES > GENERAL