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Why Apple Music is Good for Me

A big influence and inspiration for me as a digital artist is music. I LOVE music and I always inspired by it. As I am always saying ” music is the strings of an artist soul”.  I can’t listen to the same melody/song over and over, day by day (yes, I have my music library with music I can listen to over and over, year by year) but I need a “new” song every day. I love classical, pop and many other styles and until Apple introduced Apple Music I would struggle with my music library (Can you imagine having to buy new music ever day? Yes, impossible). And now I am very happy: I can have just about ANY song by ANY artist at any time, I can follow my favorite artists, I can add songs to my playlist(s), share song/album, and make them available offline, buy my favorite song/album, and  I have my favorite radio stations. After some period of time Apple is learning what I love and suggesting music for me (based on the song/album I added to my Favorites). All are available on any of my devices: iPhone, iMac, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, or iPad. And the best part: any membership plan is MUCH cheaper than the one or two albums I used to buy an every month (and first 3 months of your membership is free). And I did not mention about teenagers. ALL teenagers are music fans and they need more and more and more music every day! For families with more than one child sometimes it is very problematic to give them all music they want. Now with the Apple Music Family Plan you can do it! For any one who really loves music, Apple Music is the best and the right place for all your needs. Apple Music is Good for me and it’s GREAT with the Family Plan.