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Importance of Daily Digital Exercise

Importance of Daily Exercise



I found that daily exercise is very important for many reasons. Daily exercise helps with exploring/developing  new techniques, polishing your skills, pushing your artistic vision into another higher level, and teaches you how to be productive and not to be stressed under the “less time” pressure.

Adobe Photoshop Daily exercise: try to have 20 minutes every day to create something new in PS. its not supposed to be too complicated or perfect. Try to composite 2 or 3 images together (and the best practice is to composite random images, not images that you thought will be good with some composition. Just choose images with absolutely different style, schemes and start working on your  Photoshop composition).
Photoshop Painting: try different styles of painting every day. Don’t spend more than 20-30 minutes and you don’t need to finish your painting if you don’t have time. Just practice with brush strokes, colors, try different brushes.

Photography: simply keep your camera next to you all the time. See something > take the shot. Different light, different angles. Try it and you will see a huge improvement just in a few days!

Mobile Apps: what could be easier?!!! You have your mobile devices with you all the time! So Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Photoshop Mix and Adobe Photoshop Fix. Try them and you will be impressed with your improvement just in a few days!

Traditional Painting: use any paper you have. Don’t try to finish your masterpiece every day. Exercise with different brush, pencil strokes, composition.

Adobe Kuler palette from your image

Kuler is the best web based application that allows you to create,change,and share themes. You can create theme based on your favorite image or from the color wheel.

Login to your Adobe Creative Cloud account – click on Colors


Click on camera icon from your Kuler page to create palette from image.



Choose any image you want to work with


And now Kuler will automatically pick colors from your image for its palette based on the Color Mood you wish to work with.


Adobe Kuler gives you seven different Color Mood choices to work with:

1 Analogous
2: Monochromatic
6: Shades
7: Custom


Go through different Color Moods to see what mood you like most. You can pick your own color: click and drug the color selectors on the imageto the area of the image you like.

Give your palette a name and save it.


If you want to edit your palette – click on Edit Icon


Now you can edit your palette. Choose the color slider of any color that you prefer to edit and adjust it.


Save your palette. You will have two options to save it. Choose any you want to.


Now you can share and download it


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