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Two feature requests for Apple to consider

Two feature requests for Apple to consider:




Before you will start reading my blog post I would like to point out: 

I am a huge Apple fan. 
This is not a criticism, it’s just a feature request from an Apple user. 
This post is NOT about AndroidWindows or any other phones. If you are happy with another brand, but Apple, good for you, so please don’t jump in to  tell me how your phone is already better. I’m happy you’re happy. 


On September 12th Apple introduced the new amazing iPhone X. I love everything about the new phone and definitely will pre-order it in October.

I am a huge Apple fan and I use Apple products every day, all day in my business and personal workflows. I use an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and of course iPhone 7 Plus all day long. As a digital artist, graphic designer and photographer, I combine mobile and desktop workflows every day. My main applications are Adobe CC apps (on mobile and desktop).  iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are “always with me”. I am using Adobe Mobile Apps such as Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Adobe Lightroom mobile, Adobe Photoshop Fix, Adobe Capture CC every day. Using Adobe Apps on my iPad Pro gave me amazing flexibility to work from anywhere at any time.
Also iPhone 7 Plus is my mobile office as well. I’m using my iPhone to paint and create an art as well (Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Adobe Capture CC, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Spark Post are my primary apps for my art workflow on  iPhone.
iPhone for MANY of us is something that is ALWAYS with us. It doesn’t matter where we are and what we are doing.  As an artist I LOVE using my iPhone for my painting.  Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator, Draw are the best mobile applications for art creation and I really would like to bring my mobile art workflow using iPhone to the next level.

1st Feature Request: 
Apple, please give me ability to use my PERFECT Apple Pencil in my iPhone workflow. I don’t want to use any other stylist (none of them will be even remotely close to Apple Pencil perfection, so why do I need to spend my time and resources to try to find something that will give me better results than my finger?).

2nd Feature Request:
Apple, please let me charge and use my Apple Pencil at the same time.

That’s it. Bring Apple Pencil support to iPhone and don’t stop my work by making me have to charge Apple Pencil.  I can use my iPhone or iPad while it’s charging. The same should go for Apple Pencil.

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The Best app for relaxation


Relax Melodies by  Ipnos Soft  is the best FREE app for your sleep , yoga .meditation or just relaxation time. It’s available for your iPad, Phone, or Computer. I have been using this app at least 3 years and could not be happier.
For free the app gives you 50 high quality sounds:

  • River
  • Ocean
  • Winds
  • Birds
  • Piano
  • Night
  • Zen
  • Slow Waves
  • Rainy Day
  • Underwater
  • Cat Purring

…and many more!

I can mix up to 10 sounds together ( and I can control the volume of each sound individually! ), save, name and sort them for feature easy setup.  During the night time I prefer to use app’s timer. In addition to all the great features above I have a  clock with many beautiful screen designs along with an alarm system.


And the best feature of the app is background support so you can use ANY of your other apps on your device while this plays!

My personal preference to easily fall asleep is the Rainy Day sound.
For yoga and meditation I prefer the Waterfall sound.
I LOVE mixing Ocean and Rainy Day sound together during my retouching or painting work.

If you want more than the 50 included sounds along with other extra options  you can consider Relax Melodies Premium HD.
iPad price is $2.99
iPhone price is $0.99
For Mac price is $4.99


Another reason to use Adobe Mobile Apps

Last week I was in Paris and Milan. I was visiting Louvre in Paris and the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit in Milan. As usual people from around the world were attending those museums. But what surprised and made me sad was that many of people were not interested in art in general. They were standing in a line for tickets in Louvre about 1-2 hours and what they were interested in more was a selfie. I am a big fan of social media but I truly believe when you are next to the Mona Lisa you must (at least) have one quick (one second) look at the Mona Lisa and after that you can turn your back to the most beautiful peace of art to take a selfie. I can understand three languages and I heard from the people around me: “I have my selfie for Facebook or Instagram. Now we can go” AND THEY DID NOT EVEN LOOK AT THE MONA LISA AT ALL!!! People who came to museum to see art were very upset, they had trouble to get close to the art to see it because of all the people with phones.


It was the same in Milan. At the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit they do not allow you to take any pictures of the art and signs were posted everywhere, but it did not help. People were sneaking photos of the art and did not care that they were damaging it with their camera’s flash.

OK if you want to use your phone you can use it in a good way using an Adobe app. Using Adobe Shape CCor Adobe Color CC, you can capture the art you want to and after that you can create illustrations, for example a coloring book/page for your children to educate them.


Made with Adobe Shape, Adobe photoshop, Adobe Paper Texture Pro
Made with Adobe Shape, Adobe photoshop, Adobe Paper Texture Pro

You can create your own art from the shape you created with Adobe Shape CC using Adobe Photoshop or illustrator. With Adobe mobile apps we have new ways to use our smartphones and I really hope that people will stop turning their back to the art to have a selfie and will start using their smartphones to create something what will last forever.