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My Visit to KelbyOne


I have been a member of KelbyOne for many years ( I joined former NAPP about 8 years ago). KelbyOne has been my one stop for everything…for an inspiration, photography and photoshop tips.

This week I visited the KelbyOne  offices/studio and this visit for for me was very special for two reasons both professional and personal.

For professional reasons: OMG  where should I start? KelbyOne is ALL about CRATIVITY…photography, design, art, video.. just name it! All the people I met there are so inspirational!! Every room, every corner is inviting you to be creative and learn more to push your limits. You are inspired to go out of your comfort zone to became a better photographer, designer or artist. If you really want to be a good photographer, designer or artist KelbyOne is your place!

For personals reasons: I am very proud and  honored to be  friend of Kalebra Kelby and I was extremely happy to see her again!!!!!  She is absolutely a beautiful soul, amazing human being and she is simply gorgeous inside and out!!!! Her website is very inspirational and very touching!!! If you want to be inspired every day I highly recommend you guys to check out her website RIGHT NOW!