Digital photography and digital art is a true form of art

For the last few years, I have heard some people say that digital imaging is not real photography or art. I strongly disagree and I feel offended when I hear that. Digital photography and digital art is a true form of art like any other. I know this best on my personal life experience. I came from the country where people struggle to find food, water and even heat during the winter. There are also no computers or art supplies to speak of either. All people used to live in in a survival myself included and I also was a single mother with a young daughter. This situation lasted for few years. I am artistic person, as long as I could remember myself I was drawing ( from age 6) and because I was not able to find ANYTHING to draw with, I really struggled to express myself and it was very difficult for me. I literally would have done ANYTHING to have at least small page of anything to draw on. But it never happened. In a few years situation improved ( still no heat, and water only one hour per day…maybe…) you were able to see art supplies and use computers at some places. But I was not able to afford any of that. Photoshop was like a life saver for me. I was using Ps ones, or twice per week at some school but this is what kept me strong and enabled me to take care of my daughter. If I could have had an iPad with Adobe mobile apps with me, or Photoshop I know my life will be more easier and happier at that time. I also believe that art could and will help people in may aspects. If children with less opportunities could have some sort of access to technology with Adobe Design apps and even Photoshop few times a week, there will be less violence and children will be happier. One time investment in an iPad or Computer will help and save many children and keep them out of the streets. Our children are future leaders of tomorrow, and it is really important to feed their minds and help them find an outlet to express themselves.