Life is Good Series

I am very excited to show you the results from  the first session of  my ” Life is Good’ series. This series is VERY important and personal to me. Life is Good is series of the cancer survivors and cancer patients  images. With my series of images  I want to show how GREAT  life is. I want to show how strong people are. I am not looking for models for my series (unless the model is a cancer survivor or cancer patient). I am looking for REAL people to show various emotions, to show that every day is gift and that we all should remember that  kindness is free. Just a few minutes of your support could save and help someone’s life. All of us could help with the cancer research, donate your time to support the people who are  fighting cancer now.

I am an artist and I truly believe  (and I know it is based on my own experience) in healing power of art. I started the series “Life is Good” using my favorite tools: Nikon camera ,Westcott lighting, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom , Wacom, and my Mixer brush Tool. All my sessions from that series are FREE and I would truly appreciate  if any of you could spread the word to let cancer survivors  and cancer patients know about it.

And now let me introduce my first image:

Justyna Krolkiewicz:
amazing human being, model and a cancer survivor. 

Portrait Portrait Portrait