My new videos about the latest update of Adobe photoshop CC

Here are the links to my latest videos

There’s a new update to Photoshop CC and it’s got lots of cool little things and changes. Here are a few of my recent videos that showcase the changes and enhancements.

Photo Manipulation

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Astropad with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil


Digital Painting

Astropad with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

I have been using the full version of Adobe Photoshop CC  on my iPad Pro using Apple Pencil via the Astropad App for the past few days. The application that helps me to operate Adobe Photoshop CC on my iPad Pro is Astropad. Astropad costs $19.99 and for this very LOW price I am able to work on ANY project using my Adobe Photoshop CC full version on my iPad Pro from ANYWHERE at my home or studio.

Today I tried digital painting in Adobe Photoshop CC on my iPad Pro using the Mixer Brush Tool and Apple Pencil (a pressure sensitive stylus). I am extremely pleased with how Astropad performs. No lag! My brush strokes remans same (real-time), I don’t need to change anything in my technique. I want to point out that all the colors displayed on in Adobe Photoshop CC using Astropad are absolutely the same to my eyes.

Another BIG plus with Astropad is that I don’t need to look at my monitor during my painting. So the digital painting experience using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in combination with the full version of Adobe Photoshop CC is ABSOLUTELY identical to traditional painting using canvas, paper and your favorite brush or pencil (My iPad Pro and Apple Pencil review is posted here) .



Now when I travel I will not take with me my medium Wacom Intuos tablet because I always travel with my iPad Pro. My iPad Pro  has all my favorite mobile applications like Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Photoshop Fix, Adobe Photoshop Mix and many more Adobe mobile apps. So why would I need to carry my Wacom tablet with me anymore? I don’t.



Shooting for Adobe Stock using Westcott LED



Shooting for Adobe Stock using Westcott LED

I am a professional photographer and digital artist. I am using Adobe Stock images every day with most of my digital imaging workflow, tutorials and etc. I love Adobe Stock because it’s easy to use and I am able to find any high quality image that I need in no time. Also  I am very happy about  being able to contribute my own photography, digital imaging I create to Adobe Stock.  Last week I desided to do a still life photo shoot ( fall inspIred colors) to submit my images for Thanksgiving season. I did set up a  small “home studio” setting and used a Westcott Flex Light LED 10″. I used Wesfcott LED continuous lighting before during my portrait session along with the Westcott Eye Lighter and I decided to try it with my still life  session. I loved everything about their LED lights: quality of lightning, being able to control the range of lightning. I can mount the Flex Light LED anywhere and on almost anything including a chair, light stand, door, table, just name it and most of all I can take it anywhere with me when I travel. It’s very flexible and I don’t worry about extra space in my backpack (as usual I don’t have any space at all), I can fold it and use at any location at any place with any type of my photo session. My Thanksgiving Stock Images ( for now )

My in Studio Gear List and On the Go Kit


Victoria Pavlov Studio


I’ve been asked many time which apps and equipment I use in my studio or when i am travel.  So I decided to put together my studio equipment list and on the go kit.

Studio kit:

Adobe Creative Cloud Full plan 
Wacom Intuos
Adobe ink
Nikon D600
Westcott Rapid Box
Wescott Eyelighter
iPhone 6 Plus
Arkon_Mount TWBroadcaster


On to go kit:

Adobe Creative Cloud Full plan
MacBook Pro
Wacom Intuos
Adobe Ink & Slide
Nikon D600
Westcott LED
Arkon_Mount RM179

My Visit to KelbyOne


I have been a member of KelbyOne for many years ( I joined former NAPP about 8 years ago). KelbyOne has been my one stop for everything…for an inspiration, photography and photoshop tips.

This week I visited the KelbyOne  offices/studio and this visit for for me was very special for two reasons both professional and personal.

For professional reasons: OMG  where should I start? KelbyOne is ALL about CRATIVITY…photography, design, art, video.. just name it! All the people I met there are so inspirational!! Every room, every corner is inviting you to be creative and learn more to push your limits. You are inspired to go out of your comfort zone to became a better photographer, designer or artist. If you really want to be a good photographer, designer or artist KelbyOne is your place!

For personals reasons: I am very proud and  honored to be  friend of Kalebra Kelby and I was extremely happy to see her again!!!!!  She is absolutely a beautiful soul, amazing human being and she is simply gorgeous inside and out!!!! Her website is very inspirational and very touching!!! If you want to be inspired every day I highly recommend you guys to check out her website RIGHT NOW!


Join me Monday 11/2 for the ARKON ‪TW Broadcaster‬ Giveaway Event


Join me Monday 11/2 for the ARKON ‪TW Broadcaster‬ Giveaway Event

If you really care about your audience and about being comfortable using your mobile devices, or you just started planing your Holiday shopping this event is definitely for you. Join our dream team on Monday, November 2nd at 3PM EST for a chance to win one of the great prizes. I’ll be giving away an Arkon TW Broadcaster RM179 to one of my viewers on Periscope.

Our Team:
Terry White 
@Victoria Pavlov 
@Ajna Adams 
@Larry Becker 
@RC Concepcion
@Kim Garst 

My Rules to chance to win:

  • Follow me and all of us
  • Join me on our LIVE event on Monday , November 2 via Periscope
  • and the last rule will be announced during our LIVE broadcast on Monday.

You can use my promo code “Pavlov” at any time on  and you will get 10% off your purchase.

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds



The first and most important rule that all artists and photographers should know is The Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds is the key to create the right balance.

Divide your painting surface, document scene into 9 parts (two horizontal  and two vertical lines).  And now you have a grid (same as we have through our camera’s viewfinder). Now you need to decide where are your points of interest.  Try to position your points of interest  near where the lines intersect.

P.S. ONE REMINDER: REMEMBER THAT IF YOU ARE WOKING ON A PORTRAIT IMAGE …DO NOT MAKE YOUR IMAGE LIKE A MUG SHOT OR PASSPORT IMAGE. Portraits should not be perfectly aligned in a middle of your canvas/document. Make some space..make imagination flow…




My favorite Adobe Mobile apps on my Wrist


My favorite Adobe Mobile apps on my Wrist

I am a big fan of Behance, Adobe Color CC, and Adobe Creative Cloud. You can imagine how happy I was to see those apps on my Apple Watch. You are probably asking why I am so happy to see those apps on my Apple Watch. Here’s why:

Behance App:

I am a HUGE fan of Behance. I love to share my work with the Behance community along with finding inspiration from other’s portfolios.
I always  have Behance  open on my iMac or MacBook Pro and if I am anywhere else away from my computer I am checking my Behance app all the time on my iPhone. But for many situations where I was not able to use my phone I also was not able to check my Behance. Now  with Behance on my Watch I can stay in touch with the Behance community (at a glance) all the time from anywhere without the need to take my iPhone out (even if I am walking my dog)


walking dog

What’s in the Behance Apple Watch app?:

  • Notifications
  • Inbox
  • My Work ( your portfolio or work in progress)
  • Nearby ( you can connect with all creative people around you)


I am absolutely in love with with this app. I’m using Adobe Color CC all the time. I am using Adobe Color CC when I travel (the colors I capture on the go are available in my CC Libraries when I get back to my desk). I can create  any shape using  Adobe Shape, for example, and I can continue  working on my shape later on using the colors that I captured using Adobe Color CC.
Since the Apple Watch doesn’t have a camera, it does the next best thing. Adobe Color CC on Apple Watch shows the TOP 10 color themes based on your location. You can choose to add 1, 2, or all 10 to your Library. Once you add one color theme it will create a Watch Themes Library and sync it to your Creative Cloud account.

I am using my Creative Cloud app all the time.  I am using CC folders all the time with my workflows (mobile and desktop) and for me it is very important to be able to access to my CC account any time from anywhere.

With the CC app on my Apple Watch I can access to my:

  • Activity
  • Invites ( now you can stay in touch ALL THE TIME)
  • Comments ( you will never miss any comment)
  • Profile

SO with all those apps my busy life is a little less complicated…and I LOVE it.